Here at Creative Minds we offer safe indoor and outdoor which allows the
children to develop and use all gross motor skills.  The inside play area is
designed for those days when we are unable to go outside due to inclement
weather. The floors and walls are safe, there are ball pits, climbing
structures, bikes, balls, and much more gross motor fun!

Outdoors we offer a padded hard top surface for bike riding, balls, hula hoops
and pool in the summer; along with 2 fenced in yards for different age groups
with plenty of climbing and sand shoveling fun!  The Yearling & Toddler
programs also use the Buggy rides which are a great way for the children to
enjoy the outdoors beyond our backyard!
Creative Minds
Early Learning Center,inc,
Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Advanced Pre-K
1160 Post Rd. Warwick RI 02888