The preschool program is for children 3-4 years old.  The classroom focuses around
social interactions, discovering the world around them, letter recognition, number
recognition, shapes, color, science topics, math games, literacy games, gross motor
play, and plenty of fine motor use and play.  The classroom is very lively for the fast
paced 3 year old! Each game and learning activity is geared toward each child in a
individual help they need! This is a fun, energetic, structured classroom!

3 - 4 years old  ( 3yrs old as of Septmeber 1st).

Developmentally appropriate activities and projects.

Curriculum developed using the Rhode Island Early Learning Standards.

Children are encourage to explore the world around them as they develop a
better understanding of "school".

Learns numbers 1-50

Letters A-Z

Learns all letter Sounds.

Sorts objects by color,shape, size, number and more...

Continues fine motor development in writing and coloring skills.  Writes names,
traces shapes!

Learns shapes and colors!

Develops appropriate social skills with friends and teachers.

Technology brought into the classroom.

Hands on exploration though projects, games, activities, indoor play and out door

Sign Language used to aid in communication skills.

Prepares children for the Pre-K room.

Fun, Energetic atmosphere for your busy 3 year old!

Songs and Finger plays!

Fine motor such as zipping, tieing, lacing, links, pinching, scoop, dump..

Art (product not process)

Science such as: Weather, seasons, sink or float, health and safty, nutrition,
cooking, seasonal holidays, planting, animals...

Start patterns

ASL words 100

Learn to use books in a meaniful way!

Social skills such as taking turns, line up, problem solving amongst friends,
teacher relations.
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