Recommendation of Creative Minds Early Learning Center, 2/26/2010

We would without reservation recommend Creative Minds Early Learning
Center to any family looking for peace of mind, quality care, fun and
education. Creative minds provided peace of mind to us as parents who
moved to a state with no family and friends to assist two full time working
parents with childcare. Creative Minds also gave our daughters peace of mind
that they were going to a warm welcoming environment where they would be
treated as individuals and make life guiding relationships. The quality care is
amazing with Creative Minds. As a mother, I am not a very trusting individual
and after the first day I have never given leaving my daughters with Creative
Minds a second thought. As parents, we also have very demanding careers.
We cannot professionally afford to spend our working hours wondering and
second guessing the care of our daughters and we NEVER have. Now let's talk
fun! When you have two daughters that are upset on Friday night because
Saturday is not a school can guarantee that they are having more
fun than imaginable! When I (Mom) drive them to school in the morning we
sing a song that we made up and it goes like this: We're on our way to school
today, we're on our way to go and play! We're on our way to school today,
we're so excited! HOORAY!!! Both of my daughters are laughing and having
fun just knowing they are going to school. Now for the serious side of the
business, education. Our 5 year old is reading and our 2.5 year old is trying to.
Our daughters are being highly prepared for a life of learning. Creative Minds
and the staff are highly concerned with seeing growth in the children and it is
growth you will easily recognize at home. The language and communication
skills, socialization skills, the ability to challenge the children to explore the
world around us and learn from it is fantastic. Creative Minds provides the
parents with the classroom curriculum and as parents we will discuss the days
lessons with the teacher at the end of the day. We always get feedback on the
progress of our daughters without EVER having to ask for it. Creative Minds
Early Learning Center...They get it!...They know how to respect you and your
child(ren) and will care for and educate them with the highest regard possible.
Miss Danielle- you are successful as a care provider, teacher and professional
business owner. Dear Parents, Stop searching as you just found the best
establishment to care and educate your child(ren).

Parents of a 2.5 and 5 year old attending Creative Minds for 2+years.
Amy and John Oliveira
October 2011

"Just met with kaitlyns 1st grade
teacher, kaitlyn knew 22 out of 25 math
problems... They only had 2 min to do
it.... Most kids could only do 9 and
that's before they started learning it in
the school. She knew 103 words, most
kids only knew about 15-22. The
teacher said she relies on kaitlyn soo
much and she is very helpful! Thank
you so much! You guys are amazing!!!"

~Kaitlyn's Mom
Creative Minds
Early Learning Center,inc,
Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Advanced Pre-K
1160 Post Rd. Warwick RI 02888
blast! I would love to see
the pictures on Tuesday I
will look! Looking forward
to seeing you!! Have a
great weekend :) and I'm
so happy Owen fits in!! I'm
so impressed with how you
run the place, he loves it!
You do an excellent job and
if I know of anyone who
needs a daycare I will
absolutely refer creative
minds!! Talk
Soon! Take care!

November 2013